Rupps Rafters    

It has been difficult for him to follow the Rupp legend but he has stood up and done a great job in his 13 years as head coach.

Rupp trained at the high school in Freeport, IL, in the late 1920s before taking the job in Kentucky to coach black students. He recruited only one black player, who stayed in Lexington for a year before going to the pros. 

He won 22 games a year at Kentucky, which you can’t say about any other coach in Kentucky, and he did it at an all-time high level of basketball at the highest level.

He won as many games and titles at the University of Kentucky and did so with utmost integrity, and not all of those victories hang in the rafters.

He was considered by many to be one of the best bench coaches of all-time in college basketball. During his time as football coach, he flanked Notre Dame and Urban Meyer fought for Kentucky to keep him as basketball coach.  

He cleaned up his mechanics and didn’t throw away parts of his footwork. He talked about his jersey and others, some unforgettable, that will retire at the end of the season. But he also spoke of his jersey being hung up in the Rupp Arena as the biggest accolade. 

If you think Tubby deserves to lift his jersey, that’s great. You’re not going to fire a coach because he won a national championship if your fans are restless and many want him to go, and he’s committed.

I think when a coach brings a championship banner to Rupp, he has a right to have his name put on the same rafters.  

The strength of your convictions and plans will be revealed. JP is a complete coach and his team will play in November, December, and March as well as in January and February. The test was put in our mouths by AU, LSU, and UGA.

As I said, we have to shoot from 3 if we want our chances. And that’s why I said we need to shoot from 3 to take our chances.

As bad as it is for them, they’re not good enough to be a PG, and they don’t look like they want to be. It’s almost comical that they said “terrible” and “overrated” in their best win over Louisville a year ago.

The good news for Calipari is that most of his games will be in the SEC, which I expect to be one of the weakest leagues in the country. 

There are 37,000 high schools in the U.S., which means there are about 155,000 high school basketball players. Only 10.20% of high school players per season continue to play Division 1 basketball Other teams have good basketball players, but you’d think it’s far from easy to get to that level. 

It is difficult for me to understand the difficult period in which her program has fallen and how long this malaise will continue. We all know that one or two bad attitudes can set you back. Coupling this with capital inefficiency is a recipe for extinction if you will.  

 The Rupp Arena will be closed from 10 June to 10 October for structural and technical renovations. The new systems will be introduced in time for the 2016-17 season in British men’s basketball.  

 High in the Rupp Arena rafters hang the jerseys of 42 from the men’s basketball team of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Kentucky players, coaches, and contributors were inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

At Rupp, 42 former Kentucky Wildcats basketball players, coaches, and contributors are honored with banners depicting their numbers in the rafters. 

In 1978, the University of Kentucky won the NCAA title by defeating bitter rival Duke 94-88. The basketball program in Kentucky was run for 41 years by men it called barons.

 One of the reasons so many Kentucky fans are certain this kid will get away with his self-made dynasty is to bring the program back to prominence and dominance.

The youngest candidate to become the fifth Kentucky coach to win a national title remains far, far invisible. In fact, both Donovan and Rick Pitino are slam-dunk candidates for the Kentucky job. 

Bruce Pearl is intriguing, but it’s impossible for Kentucky to hire a Tennessee coach unless his personality dovetails with Barnhart’s. The guy is a recruiting coach, which I think is a lost art in the NCAA.  

 One of the biggest honors a college basketball star can receive is that he lifts up his jersey in a flight. Jerseys are retired by players and coaches who have been in Kentucky for at least 10 years and have been elected to the UK Hall of Fame.    

 Kyle Macys has been a fan favorite at the University of Kentucky. More than most, the university protects its brand and honors deserving players throughout its century of history. 

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