(Q) Protagonist Is To Heroine As Clothing Is To_____

Ans: Jeans


There are many informal categories and conventions in the world of anime, and one of them is the idea of Isekai, in which the protagonist lands on a whole new globe for a new period of time.

This is not to be confused with minor character stories that focus on characters other than the hero. Red often appears when it comes to the hero of a story, as does the color of their clothing.

Her main color motif is red, as are her hair color, gear, combat aura, body parts, and even robotic and non-human characters.   

Circumstances differ, but at least the hero of Isekai discovered the whole world for himself in simple times and set out to see all sorts of exotic things and people.   

The red vest of student leader Enjolras represents his heroic character, and the red flag used in the final battle a day later is bright red. In the case of Isekai, the hero knows who he is before his adventure has even begun.

For him, agreeing to marry one of the hero’s relatives, who remains unseen, is a kind of atonement. 

Relative to a bitch in sheep’s clothing, a figure that at first glance seems like a nice person, but proves to be a mean person deep down.

Remember that not all heroes wear red (for example, blue is more common) and other characters cannot avoid red, so it is not useful to list dislikes. In Heroic Bionicles, a team of red characters is associated with firing the hero as a leader. 

It conveys that heroes are people whose deeds and heroism are present in the show. In other words, people and supermen are portrayed as capable of fighting as heroes and as such.

The protagonist is what fans consider dynamic, and the supporting characters are not ambiguous (see Designated Protagonist Syndrome). 

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